Gruppenhaus: About us

About us wants to be a simple and efficient tool assisting a wide range of groups in finding and booking a suitable house. The hosts, on the other hand, will be assisted by the platform to present their house in an optimal way and to have its capacity utilised in the best possible way.

The Gruppenhaus-Team: flexible - individual - competent

    The Gruppenhaus-Team acts as an interface between people looking for a house and hosts. Our experienced team is composed of staff members who work in a decentralized set-up from home. At regular team meetings information is exchanged, and houses are visited on team excursions in order to be able to advise our clients competently. We are glad to assist in case of questions, and we will endeavour to solve problems and to fulfil special wishes.

  • Andre Balzer Andre Balzer
  • Liliane Ammann Liliane Ammann
    Organization, service and reservations
  • Ralf Balzer Ralf Balzer
    IT, service and reservations
  • Nadine Briechle Nadine Briechle
    Translations, services and reservations
  • Veronika Schenkyr Veronika Schenkyr
    Sales and reservations
  • Lara Balzer Lara Balzer
    Translations, services and reservations
  • Sebastian Balzer Sebastian Balzer
    Translations, services and reservations