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Postal address gmbh
Seestrasse 18a
CH-8806 Bäch

Please use the button "REQUEST NOW" to check the availability of a house.

If you have any questions about existing requests, you may contact us by phone on

  +41 62 961 3334
   Monday – Friday 09.00-12.00 / 14.00-17.00

We will also be pleased to answer any questions by e-mail within the shortest period of time (

Our team
  • Andre Balzer Andre Balzer
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  • Ralf Balzer Ralf Balzer
  • Nadine Briechle Nadine Briechle
  • Veronika Schenkyr Veronika Schenkyr
  • Lara Balzer Lara Balzer
  • Sebastian Balzer Sebastian Balzer