Group accommodation, guest houses, Inns and hostels

Group accommodation, guest houses, Inns and hostels

Group accommodation, guest houses, Inns and hostels for small to large groups

Group accommodation, guest houses, Inns and hostels

Guest houses, inns and hostels are also part of this category, even a ship is available. You can choose from a wide range of budget accommodations ideal for every occasion. Start your hiking or skiing day without any bus or train rides and forget about long waiting times. Finding the perfect good value room close to the city or in the city centre is also no big deal. Our group houses can be found everywhere, be it in the sunny Ticino or in one of the popular alpine regions. Everyday, new accommodations in Switzerland, Germany and Austria are added to extend our offer.

1085 accommodations houses available

Youth Hostel Zofingen

In 1386 the hero of Zofingen Niklaus von Thut saved the city banner from the victorious Swiss by simply eating it. The history has been present in Zofingen up to today. The spacious and still very intact historical centre is the location for attractive markets and various cultural occasions. The suburbs are dominated by beautiful mansions and spacious lawns. Be it on your own or with one of the various attractive guided tours: You will want to revisit!

4800 - Zofingen
45 beds (12 rooms) - from CHF 31.50
  • half-board, full-board, breakfast included
  • central Shops close by 439 m

Youth Hostel Zug

In 1435 and in 1887, an entire section of the town sank into the lake, enticed by the legendary Sea Maiden of Zug. The only things sinking into the lake today, however, are the rays of the setting sun. But you're quite entitled to be enticed by images of sunsets or the water as you approach the youth hostel, just two minutes from the lake shore. And in Zug today, nobody could possibly sink into boredom, because Zug is the place to be, whether you're a rollerblade fan or a caving enthusiast. The youht hostel, between the lake and the Herti sports complex, is ideal for sports camps intended for track and field athletes, curling or hockey teams, or divers.

6300 - Zug
88 beds (20 rooms) - from CHF 35.50
  • half-board, full-board, breakfast included
  • central near lake / river 414 m

Farm Zum Frohsinn

The sleeping in hay hotel is situated on the outskirts of Eschenz. Several showers/WCs as well as a big lounge are part of the infrastructure. The lovely bathing ground with kiosk and BBQ area at the lake are in only 300 m distance. Train station, bus stop, shop and restaurants are reachable within 5 min walking distance. The beautiful biking trail around the Untersee passes the farm. The town Stein am Rhein adjoins Eschenz, in approximately 2 km distance from the farm. We do agriculture and we keep mother cows. In addition to the mother cows with calves there are also cats, dwarf goats, rabbits and chickens at home on our farm. Fireplace at the farm and at the lake. Ideal for schools, clubs, companies and families.

8264 - Eschenz
56 beds (9 rooms) - from CHF 17.00
  • breakfast included
  • central near lake / river Shops close by 400 m

Hotel zum roten Löwen

cosy family business with plain cooking, near Lucerne (10 min)

6024 - Hildisrieden
37 beds (16 rooms) - from CHF 70.00
  • half-board, full-board, breakfast included
  • central Shops close by 686 m

Holiday camp Zuoz

Lovely, generous holiday camp with 2 wings, a modern infrastructure, and spacious lounges.

7524 - Zuoz
house part 1: 50 beds (8 rooms)
house part 2: 76 beds (13 rooms)

126 beds (21 rooms) - from CHF 16.00
  • self-catering
  • central in the mountains Shops close by close to skiing area 1700 m

Seminar- and guest house zur Orchidee

The seminar house Haus zur Orchidee is embedded in trees of the Bernhard tree nursery. It is part of the Swiss Orchid Garden, which contains thousands of different orchids from all over the world. In the rooms courses + seminars around the plants offered or organized. Whether large or small, there is something for everyone. The house is ideal for: Plant lovers, interested people, families, groups of trainees, etc.

8370 - Sirnach
10 beds (4 rooms) - from CHF 65.00
  • self-catering
  • remote Shops close by central close to skiing area 545 m

Holiday house Zur Vispu

Explore the imposing world of the four-thousanders and get inspired by the overwhelming beauty of nature. Saas Balen is the ideal starting point for various activities and only a few minutes by car away from the famous summer and winter spa town Saas Fee.

3908 - Saas-Balen
52 beds (14 rooms) - from CHF 14.00
  • self-catering, half-board, full-board, breakfast included
  • central near lake / river in the mountains Shops close by close to skiing area 1460 m

Youth Hostel Zürich

Open day and night so you can explore the small cosmopolitan city Zurich. A spacious foyer and courtyard offer a meeting point for international globetrotter, diversified kitchen, bright, comfortable rooms, a quiet location in the city, not far from the lake: The youthhostel Zurich, as one of the most modern in the world, has quality. You can talk about your previous Asia or America trip in the grand foyer, get infos and tipps for the leisure activities in Zurich, watch international news together on the big-screen-TV with a snack or play billiards. And all that at any time, night or day.

8038 - Zürich
284 beds (77 rooms) - from CHF 43.00
  • breakfast included, half-board
  • central near lake / river Shops close by 500 m

Gruppenhaus Zürihus

This stand-alone house lies directly at the ski slope. The view of the Rheintal, the Alvierkette and the mountains of the Rätikon is wonderful.

7323 - Wangs-Pizol
Attic: 15 beds (2 rooms)
2. Stock: 23 beds (3 rooms)
1. Stock: 4 beds (2 rooms)
Parterre: 15 beds (2 rooms)

57 beds (9 rooms) - from CHF 12.00
  • self-catering
  • remote in the mountains close to skiing area directly at ski run 1480 m