Alp-refuge Planatsch, Sedrun, Switzerland

Alp-refuge Planatsch

In winter only with catering, in summer also with self-catering.

rooms and facilities

Total 92 spaces to sleep
3 rooms with 2 beds (only in summer)
3 rooms with 4 beds
1 room with 6 beds
7 rooms with 8 beds
1 room with 12 beds

sleeping bags - please bring your own (summer)
duvets - available (Winter)
woolen blankets - available (winter)
pillows - available (winter)
1 dining room for 90 people
1 common room
1 claokroom
sanitary facilities
12 washrooms (distributed on the rooms)
16 toilets
1 individual shower (in summer 2)
4 common showers

furnishings & equipment

kitchen equipment
self-catering only in summer

gastro cooker with 6 plates
1 tilting cauldron
2 ovens
3 fridges with total 600 l
deep freezer
chip pan
bread-cutting machine
meat-cutting machine
crockery for 100 people
other equipment
phone in the house
seminar infrastructure (projector, screen, flip chart, etc.)
tabletop football
ping pong
fireplace outside


- in the mountains
- directly at ski run
- close to skiing area
- Direct access by car - all year
shopping facilities
post, bakery, butcher´s shop and supermarkets in Sedrun (2 km)
nearest town / village
Rueras in 2 km distance


public transport
by train to Dieni - 30 minutes walking dinstance to the house
by car/by coach
by car driving up to the house possible - 15 parking spaces (In winter we are reachable only with skis or on foot.
In summer an access road can be used. Please note, however, that the road is only permitted for vans under 11 tons. In addition, the van should not exceed a height of 3.85 metres (underpass).)
by private coach driving up to the house possible - 1 parking space

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