Alp-refuge Veridirum, Chironico, Switzerland

Alp-refuge Veridirum

rooms and facilities

Total 30 spaces to sleep
2 rooms with 4 beds
1 room with 6 beds
2 rooms with 5 beds
1 room with 6 mattresses

sleeping bags - please bring your own
woolen blankets - available
pillows - available
pillowcases - please bring your own
1 dining room for 25 people - in the kitchen
sanitary facilities
Village well
2 compost toilets outdoors
1 common shower with firewood heated boiler
Waterfall outdoors

furnishings & equipment

kitchen equipment
Wooden stove
Cooling wells
Shared use of village oven possible
Attention: no electricity and no hot running water
crockery (for 30 persons)
other equipment
Outdoor fireplace
Volleyball field with grass
Village chapel with reed organ (on request)
Sitting corner near the house with tables and benches
Joint use of the village square (tables and benches for 50 persons)


- remote
- near lake / river
- in the mountains
- Shops close by
- Only accessable by foot
shopping facilities
Small village grocery with fresh farm products; home delivery of other products on request.
nearest town / village
Chironico in 5 km distance


public transport
by train to Faido/Biasca/Bellinzona
by bus to Chironico Paese - 2 hours to the house (Reservation obligatory)
by car/by coach
Not accessible by car (Access to Gribbio, 60 minutes walk from the house. Goods cable car for luggage available.)
Not accessible by private coach (Access to Chironico, about 2 hours walk to the house.)