Camp Campo Cortoi, Mergoscia, Switzerland

Camp Campo Cortoi

Light is provided in all communal rooms (kitchen, bathroom and lounge). Cameras and cellphones can be charged in the manager�s house.

rooms and facilities

Total 36 spaces to sleep

There's no light in the bedrooms.

house part Marietta (10 spaces to sleep):
1 room with 6 beds and 2 bunk beds

house part Bellavista (11 spaces to sleep):
1 room with 5 bunk beds and 1 extra bed

house part Alpwartshaus (4 spaces to sleep):
1 Gallery with 2 spaces to sleep
1 room with 1 sofa bed for 2 people (in the living area)

house part Weber (3 spaces to sleep):
1 room with 3 spaces to sleep

house part Cadra (8 spaces to sleep):
2 rooms with 3 beds
1 room with 2 beds

sleeping bags - please bring your own
woolen blankets - available
pillows - available (millet)
pillowcases - available
1 workshop
1 dining room for 30 people
2 common rooms
house part Marietta:
1 balcony

house part Bellavista:
1 common room

house part Cadra:
1 terrace - vine-covered pergola

sanitary facilities
3 toilets
1 bathroom with urinal
2 single showers - plus an outside shower. Hot water is available in limited quantities thanks to the solar panels. (about 2 minutes per person and day)

house part Alpwartshaus:
1 toilet - Compost toilet house

furnishings & equipment

kitchen equipment
house part Marietta:
Wooden stove
1 cold storage

house part Bellavista:
not suitable for self-catering (The house does not have its own kitchen, can be rented together with the Marietta. So a kitchen is available.)

house part Alpwartshaus:
Wooden stove

house part Cadra:
Wooden stove

other equipment
Dogs allowed
area playground (with tipi as common room)
table tennis
table football
house part Marietta:
Pizza oven

house part Bellavista:
table football


- remote
- in the mountains
- Only accessable by foot
shopping facilities
groceries in Mergoscia. Nearly everything available per order (3 working days in advance)
nearest town / village
Mergoscia in 1.5 km distance


public transport
by train to Locarno
by bus to Mergoscia, Posta - 40 minutes walking dinstance to the house
by car/by coach
Not accessible by car (40 minutes walk from the parking lot to the house)
Not accessible by private coach