Farm Gugenhof

animals: milk cows, chickens, goats, dogs, cats, rabbits, bees, ducks

rooms and facilities

Total 38 spaces to sleep
1 room with 10 beds
2 rooms with 6 beds
1 room with 5 beds
2 rooms with 2 beds
1 room with 3 beds
1 room with 4 beds

sleeping bags - please bring your own
duvets - available
woolen blankets - available
pillows - available
wc facilities
3 washrooms
4 toilets
1 individual shower
1 common shower
2 dining and common rooms with total 50 seats

furnishings & equipment

kitchen equipment
1 electric cooker with 3 plates
1 oven
3 fridges with total 300 l
crockery for 40 people
other equipment
ping pong
fireplace outside
handicapped accessible
dogs allowed
suitable for Swiss carnival music
suitable for feasts/weddings


- remote
- Shops close by
shopping facilities
various shops in Stüsslingen, 1.5 km
nearest town / village
Stüsslingen in 1.5 km distance


public transport
by train to Aarau or Olten
next postal bus stop Muggenloch Stüsslingen, 10 min on foot
by car/by coach
by car access to the house, 10 parking lots.

by coach access to the house, 1 parking lot.

The Gugenhof is labeled on the street Erlinsbach - Stüsslingen.