Farm Heubett

number of rooms

room disposition
30 beds in total

1 room with 1 bed
2 rooms with 2 beds
1 room with 3 beds
1 room with 4 beds
1 hay bed for 18 people
bed equipment
duvets provided
woollen blankets provided
pillows provided

sleepover in hay bed only with sleeping bag
1 living room with TV in the apartment
2 common rooms
covered seats


kitchen equipment
kitchen in the apartment for 12 people
electric cooker with 4 hobs
1 oven
1 fridge with 240 lt volume
1 dishwasher

crockery for 12 people
other equipment
seminar infrastructure
ping pong
fireplace outside
petting zoo
suited for feasts, weddings
wc facilities
4 toilets
2 individual showers


house situation
- central
- near lake / river
- in the mountains
shopping facilities
Kaltbrunn Dorf, 2.5 km
Gommiswald, 3 km
nearest town / village
Kaltbrunn Dorf, 2.5 km
Gommiswald, 3 km


public transport
By train to Kaltbrunn Dorf, within 30 min walking distance from the house.

By postal car to Freigaden, within 15 min walking distance from the house.
by car/by coach
Car access to the house, enough parking spaces.

Coach access to the house, 1 parking space.