Farm Synergy Village, Feldbach, Switzerland

Farm Synergy Village

Switzerland Zurich region
8714 Feldbach 412m

The house is part of a large property, which was a farm earlier. Now it is an excellent spot for workshops, feasts, weddings, camps and more. The property provides a grotto with a waterfall, cave, stream, garden and a breathtaking lake and mountain view. The accommodations are in a listed house, which was built in 1754. The rooms are not renovated (mostly) but in a good condition. The barn is situated in the heart of the property and offers multipurpose rooms and a dormitory. The house is only being rented in comination with a multipurpose room for an organised activity. A private bathing place may be rented. Private rental only in exceptional cases. The house is ideal for: workshops of all kind, feasts, weddings, camps and more.

  • self-catering
  • remote near lake / river

Im Haus: 15 beds (4 rooms)
Scheune: 25 beds (2 rooms)

40 beds - from CHF 35.00