Gruppenhaus Adonia, Vordemwald, Switzerland

Gruppenhaus Adonia

The house may not be rented to carnival bands.

rooms and facilities

Total 83 spaces to sleep
house part A (34 spaces to sleep):
3 rooms with 2 beds
7 rooms with 4 beds

house part B (49 spaces to sleep):
1 room with 2 beds
1 room with 5 beds
7 rooms with 6 beds

sleeping bags - please bring your own
duvets - supplied at extra cost
pillows - available
pillowcases - available
fitted sheets - available
wc facilities
6 washrooms
14 toilets
4 individual showers
2 common showers
house part A:
1 common room for 30 people - 2. OG
1 play room

house part B:
1 dining and common room for 120 people
1 head room
1 common room

furnishings & equipment

kitchen equipment
Part A
Cooking stove with 4 boilerplates, oven, refridgerator and dish-washer

Part B:
Professional cooking stove with 4 boilerplates
2 tilting cauldrons
1 oven
2 refrigerators
Deep freezer
Machine for slicing cold meat
Crockery for 100 people
other equipment
Telephone in the house
Football ground
Table-tennis table


- central
- near lake / river
- Shops close by
shopping facilities
at Vordemwald (5 min. walking distance)
nearest town / village
Zofingen in 5 km distance


public transport
By train to Zofingen.

By postal bus to Vordemwald Post, 3 minutes walking distance to the house.
by car/by coach
Access by car up to the house, 40 parkings.

Access by coach up to the house, 2 parkings.

Additional information