Gruppenhaus Birchweid, Altdorf, Switzerland

Gruppenhaus Birchweid

Drinks are available on request. Food available with party service, food delivery or in restaurants nearby.

rooms and facilities

Total 54 spaces to sleep
4 rooms with 2 beds
1 room with 4 beds
1 room with 6 beds
3 rooms with 12 beds

rooms with 2 beds:
duvets - available
pillows - available
bed linen - available

room with 4 beds:
duvets - available
pillows - available
sleeping bags - you can bring your own

room with 6 beds:
duvets - available
pillows - available
bed linen - available

rooms with 12 beds:
sleeping bags - please bring your own
wc facilities
All 2 bed, 4 bed, and 6 bed rooms have washbasins
2 washrooms
4 toilets
2 individual showers
Common shower with 3 sprinklers
1 dining room for 55 people
1 common room
1 claokroom
1 drying room
1 pantry
1 terrace

furnishings & equipment

kitchen equipment
Electric cooking stove with 6 hot plates
Tilting frying pan
Tilting kettle
2 ovens
2 refrigerators of in total 200 L
Deep freezer
Machine for slicing cold meat
Crockery for 55 people
other equipment
Telephone in the house
Video projector with large screen
Hi-Fi set
Internet access (W-LAN)
Disco illumination
Outdoor playground
Outdoor fireplace, covered (pavilion)
Roofed pergola with BBQ and 50 seats


- remote
- in the mountains
- directly at ski run
- close to skiing area
shopping facilities
Fresh food can be ordered in Altdorf and will be delivered to the top station of the aerial passenger line the following day.
Aldi and Lidl near the valley station (5 Min.)
nearest town / village
Altdorf in 1 km distance


public transport
By train or postal bus to Flüelen.

From Flüelen by aerial passenger line to the Eggberge (Egg mountains), 3 minutes walking distance to the house (plane ground).
by car/by coach
Access by car or coach up to the valley station of the aerial passenger line at Flüelen. The region Eggberge is car-free.

Free car and coach parking at the valley station.

Access to the house is only allowed with a permit, cars only (no access by coach).

The house is not reachable by car in winter.