Gruppenhaus Birchweid, Altdorf, Switzerland

Gruppenhaus Birchweid



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Christmas/New Year, from December 20th to January 2nd

Groups of up to 54 people
CHF 19.50 (minimum 7 nights and 40 people) or
CHF 5'500.00 lump sum (7 nights, heating included)

Season from January 25th to March 10th

Groups of up to 54 people
CHF 2000.00 lump sum per week

Season from July 1st to August 10th and September 30th to October 15th

Groups of up to 54 people
CHF 13.50 (minimum 7 nights and 35 people)
CHF 15.50 (minimum 6 nights and 35 people)


Groups of up to 54 people
CHF 25.00, minimum 35 people, or
CHF 800.00 lump sum
Friday-Sunday (2 nights)
CHF 19.00, minimum 55 guest-nights in total, or
CHF 1'050.00 lump sum

Low season (remaining periods)

Groups of up to 54 people
CHF 16.00 (minimum 6 nights and 25 people)
CHF 18.00 (minimum 5 nights and 25 people)
CHF 19.00 (minimum 4 nights and 25 people)

minimum occupation
Christmas - New Year: 40 people, 7 nights
High season: 35 people
Low season: 25 people, 4 nights
Weekends: 35 people in case of a single night

other costs
Extra charge for double room: CHF 5.00/person
Extra charge for single room: CHF 8.00
Visitor´s tax: included
Electricity: according to consumption (approx. CHF 0.30 per person/day)
Heating in winter: CHF 35.00 per day
Cleaning of the house: clean swept and kitchen cleaned by the group, final cleaning by the owner CHF 100.00