Gruppenhaus Casa del Pizzò

rooms and facilities

Total 36 spaces to sleep
2 rooms with 4 beds
4 rooms with 7 mattresses

Larger groups can also request to stay in the attic of the house next door or in tents

sleeping bags - please bring your own
woolen blankets - available
pillows - available
wc facilities
2 washrooms
3 toilets
2 individual showers
Warm water gained from solar energy
1 dining room for 30 people
1 common room
1 claokroom
1 workshop
1 multipurpose room

furnishings & equipment

kitchen equipment
Electric cooker (industrial size) with 4 boilerplates
2 ovens
2 refrigerators of 360 lt total capacity
Deep freezer
Pizza-firewood stove (outside)
Crockery for 50 persons
other equipment
Telephone in the house
Internet (partly) possible
Outdoor playground
Campfire ground
Volleyball net (for rent)
Toys (for rent)
Tent and equipment for scouts (for rent)
Old soapstone oven
Beamer (for rent) with screen
Additional folding tables and benches


- remote
- near lake / river
- in the mountains
shopping facilities
Grocery at Arvigo (4 km,) offering home delivery if required.
Bread an bakery products (organic) right from the farm in the village
nearest town / village
Cauco in 500 m distance


public transport
By train to Bellinzona. By postal bus to Cauco-Bodio, 1 minute walking distance to the house.
by car/by coach
Access by car up to the house. Parking at 100 m distgance.

By coach access up to 1 minute walking distance to the house, no direct access.