Holiday hostel Seen

rooms and facilities

4 rooms with 2 beds
2 rooms with 3 beds
3 rooms with 4 beds
2 rooms with 8 beds
1 room with 10 beds
duvets and pillows available
bedlinen (1 fitting sheet, 1 duvet slip, 1 pillow slip) CHF 10.00 per stay or with sleeping bag (1 fitting sheet, 1 pillow) for CHF 6.00 per stay
wc facilities
2 washrooms
6 toilets
2 individual showers
2 common showers
2 dining rooms with total 52 seats
2 lounges
1 cloakroom

furnishings & equipment

kitchen equipment
6 big hot plates
1 chip pan
1 bread cutting machine
1 oven
1 mixer
2 big fridges
crockery for 52 people
other equipment
phone in the house
tabletop football (2x)
gymnasium and sports ground school Serneus can be used according to prior agreement


- central location in town
- skiing area nearby
- in the mountains
- shops within walking distance
shopping facilities
Volg next door
bakery delivers to the house
various other stores in Klosters (10 min by car)
nearest town / village
Serneus - in town
Klosters (10 min by car)


public transport
trainstation: Klosters (20 min on foot)
postal bus stop: Serneus Dorf (3 min on foot)

public transport: SBB to Küblis or Klosters-Platz, from there frequent postal bus to Serneus
by car/by coach
by car access to the house, 2 parkings. Additional parkings in 1 min walking distance.

by coach no access to the house, parkings in 200 m.