Mountain hostel Obersee

rooms and facilities

Total 32 spaces to sleep
1 room with 12 beds
1 room with 20 beds

linen, blankets and pillows available
wc facilities
1 washroom
4 toilets
4 individual showers
1 dining room for 60 people
1 common room

furnishings & equipment

kitchen equipment
not suitable for self-catering
other equipment
seminar infrastructure
small playground
dogs allowed
suitable for Swiss carneval music
suitable for feasts/weddings


- remote
- near lake / river
- in the mountains
shopping facilities
in Näfels
nearest town / village
Näfels in 7 km distance


public transport
by train or postal bus up to Näfels. Taxi service to the house.
by car/by coach
by car access to the house, 10 parkings.

by coach access to Näfels. Taxi service to the house.