Youth Hostel Château-d’Oex



Prices given as standard price. The standard price is subject to seasonal and demand-related adjustments. Details per person and night incl. breakfast buffet, membership, bed linen and VAT, excl. visitor’s tax. We reserve the right to adjust prices.


Groups of up to 50 people
prices for the whole house, including bed linen
weekday up to 20 people: CHF 500.00
each additional person: CHF 22.00
weekend package deal Fr - Su, max. 50 people: CHF 1'200.00
weekend package deal Sa - Su (4 pm), max 50 people: CHF 1'000.00
weekend package deal Sa - Su (10 am), max 50 people: CHF 850.00

Christmas/new year's eve and sport holiday weeks: package deal per night, up to 20 people: CHF 590.00
each additional person: CHF 25.00

from 3 nights: 15% discount
from 5 nights: 25% discount

other costs
visitor´s tax: CHF 3.00 18 and older
electricity/hot water: included
final clean-up: CHF 300.00 (mandetory)

HostelCardStandard (CHF 7.00 per person) is included in the accommodation price.
For groups we recommend the Hostel Card Premium (CHF 55.00). We will include this directly in the offer, as well as the resulting discount (CHF 7.- reduction per person and per night, excluding children's prices).
If you already have a Hostel Card from your national association, you will also benefit from discounted accommodation prices.