Youth Hostel Sils, Sils i. D., Switzerland

Youth Hostel Sils

Switzerland Graubünden
7411 Sils i. D. 622m

The youthhostel is situated inside the castle Ehrenfels and has been there since the 1930's. The castle was built in the 13th century and it has offered a unique view of the Domeschg until today. How about a visit to one of the 21 castle ruins between Rhäzüns and Thusis? There is a seminar room, a play room and a theater with equipment in the tower. Outside, there is a bread oven, a lawn with various play equipment as well as a custom-built maze. There are up to 60 seats in the great hall.

  • self-catering
  • remote in the mountains

39 beds - from CHF 25.00