Tips and tricks

That’s what you should know

  • The earlier you will send your query, the bigger will be the choice of available houses. The ideal time for your query is about eleven to twelve months ahead of the planned stay. Most houses cannot be booked more than a year in advance because groups staying in the current year are entitled to book the house in advance for the following year.

  • If you launch a query for several houses, please indicate the sequence of your priorities. This way, once a house is already booked out, we will be able to inform you on the following houses in your priority list without further delay.

  • Visit the house ahead of the booking, if you have the opportunity to do so.

  • Insist on a written lease contract.

  • A quick reaction to our e-mail helps to ensure a fast and safe booking of the desired house. The houses will be tentatively reserved for you only for a brief time period. After expiry of that time span it may be possible that the house will be booked by someone else.

  • The time period for a tentative booking usually can be extended on demand. If you require more time for your decision, please let us know as soon as possible, and don’t wait until the tentative booking has expired.

And that’s how you can make our work easier

  • Please don’t send us queries for training purposes. Every query generates work.

  • Make sure that there will not be several persons sending queries on behalf of the same group.

  • In case of school classes always indicate the name of the responsible teacher.