Youth hostels, youth accommodations and boyscout camps

Youth hostels and boyscout camps

Youth hostels, youth accommodations and boyscout camps usually provide a sufficient amount of beds for large groups. However, they put more and more emphasis on 4-bed rooms and double rooms to be on par with rising expectations of quality and comfort. Sleeping bags are starting to be replaced by duvets, modern locking systems allow checked-in guests of Swiss youth hostels to plan their arrival with more flexibility than ever before. Still, reasonably priced offers are first priority and that will remain unchanged. Boyscout camps are not exclusive to scouts or schools. They offer quick access to nature and sports facilities, a lot of autonomy and a few extras. For example, there are boyscout camps which have been designed handicapped accessible or provide their own campground. Whoever is looking for good value for money and a true holiday atmosphere is at the right place.

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7260 - Davos Dorf
235 beds - from CHF 39.40
  • half-board, full-board, breakfast included
  • central in the mountains Shops close by close to skiing area 1560 m
Youth Hostel Davos Youthpalace

Everybody knows that the air up here is pure and invigorating. And lying on one of the terraces, you have got nothing but a canopy of big blue sky above you. What was formerly a sanatorium is today the Youthpalace. Even the place itself at 1,600 metres above sea level is inspiration for organising your own World Leisure-Time Forum. So, what are you waiting for? Come to Davos for that ultimate holiday feeling.

8038 - Zürich
282 beds - from CHF 43.00
  • half-board, breakfast included
  • central near lake / river Shops close by 500 m
Youth Hostel Zürich

Open day and night so you can explore the small cosmopolitan city Zurich. A spacious foyer and courtyard offer a meeting point for international globetrotter, diversified kitchen, bright, comfortable rooms, a quiet location in the city, not far from the lake: The youthhostel Zurich, as one of the most modern in the world, has quality. You can talk about your previous Asia or America trip in the grand foyer, get infos and tipps for the leisure activities in Zurich, watch international news together on the big-screen-TV with a snack or play billiards. And all that at any time, night or day.

3792 - Saanen
160 beds - from CHF 40.70
  • half-board, full-board, breakfast included
  • central in the mountains Shops close by close to skiing area 1050 m
Youth Hostel Gstaad Saanenland

This new youthhostel in the middle of one of the most attractive hiking-, bike- and skiing areas of Switzerland pleases families as well as single travellers. Nearly all of the rooms offer a view of the Swiss Alps. The terrace on sunny days, the warm and cosy stove bench on cool evenings or the comfortable reading corner and the included breakfast buffet each morning. In the evening, you can stay in the spacious dining room - the heart of the youthhostel - after a 3 course meal with local dishes and meet up with others.

8280 - Kreuzlingen
91 beds - from CHF 32.20
  • breakfast included, half-board, full-board
  • central near lake / river Shops close by 406 m
Youth Hostel Kreuzlingen

The art nouveau villa Hörnliberg is located in the middle of the Seepark, surrounded by tall trees, and in only 200 m distance from Lake Constance. The historical accommodation combined with modern technology will make your stay unforgettable. Be it in a canoe on the lake, on a bike or on the big terrace in the outdoor bar in the evening.

9000 - St. Gallen
87 beds - from CHF 34.80
  • half-board, full-board, breakfast included
  • central Shops close by 673 m
Youth Hostel St. Gallen

Did you know that the youthhostel St. Gallen is only 11 km resp. 15 min by train away from Lake Constance? The historic centre and the exhibition centre are reachable within a few minutes walking distance. Surrounded by a quiet green belt the youthhostel offers a fascinating view of the city's roofs because of its hillside situation. There are various hiking- and walking trails nearby and one of the nicest natural swimming pools throughout Switzerland, the nature garden baths "Dreilinden".

87561 - Oberstdorf
86 beds - from EUR 15.90
  • self-catering, half-board, full-board, breakfast included
  • remote near lake / river in the mountains close to skiing area 996 m
Youth Hostel Mountain Hostel

Our hostel is the perfect starting point for your hiking, biking, skiing or climbing holidays. Or to simply enjoy the almost untouched nature.
You will feel well looked after, whether you want to travel alone or with friends. The house offers a kitchen for self-catering groups and also half- and full-board.
The Mountain Hostel offers places to sleep for up to 80 people.
The house is ideal for: sports enthusiasts, nature lovers, classes, families and more.

2360 - Le Bémont
87 beds - from CHF 31.20
  • half-board, full-board, breakfast included
  • central directly at ski run close to skiing area 998 m
Youth Hostel Le Bémont

The youthhostel is situated in the center of the village Le Bémont and it is surrounded by a big playing lawn. It is ideal for families with kids. The house and the surrounding area also offer much for bikers, hikers, riders and nature lovers.

3005 - Bern
184 beds - from CHF 32.00
  • half-board, full-board, breakfast included
  • central near lake / river Shops close by 500 m
Youth Hostel Bern

Not many cities have managed to retain their historic features quite as successfully as Bern, the capital of Switzerland. The medieval air of this city with its many fountains, sandstone facades, narrow streets and historic towers is unique.
Guests will enjoy lingering in the lounge or on the hostel's comfortable garden terrace with its outdoor chess, mill game and table tennis. A few meters away lies the Marzili, the most popular public swimming area of Bern at the river Aare with view onto the federal parliament building and the cathedral. The youth hostel Bern is perfect for families, groups and single travellers.

8805 - Richterswil
80 beds - from CHF 37.00
  • half-board, full-board, breakfast included
  • remote near lake / river Shops close by 408 m
Youth Hostel Richterswil

There are perhaps only a few people in the whole world who have heard of Richterswil. But anyone discovering the little town at Lake Zurich will doubtless have fond memories of their stay in the youth hostel. The recently converted building is situated right next to the lake, in a beautiful and extensive park. This former silk factory is a perfect place for sports holidays, conferences and events of all kinds.
Regardless of whether you want to stay just one night or several days, you will find a little holiday paradise at the Horn. Water babies can go swimming, rowing, windsurfing and diving virtually outside the door. Bon viveurs can take a cruise on the boats of Lake Zurich. Globetrotters will value its proximity to the lively metropolis of Zurich.

4800 - Zofingen
53 beds - from CHF 31.50
  • half-board, full-board, breakfast included
  • central Shops close by 439 m
Youth Hostel Zofingen

In 1386 the hero of Zofingen Niklaus von Thut saved the city banner from the victorious Swiss by simply eating it. The history has been present in Zofingen up to today. The spacious and still very intact historical centre is the location for attractive markets and various cultural occasions. The suburbs are dominated by beautiful mansions and spacious lawns. Be it on your own or with one of the various attractive guided tours: You will want to revisit!

6942 - Savosa
132 beds - from CHF 31.80
  • breakfast included
  • central Shops close by 437 m
Youth Hostel Lugano

The Hostel is located just 3 km outside of Lugano.
Lugano boasts an enchanting landscape and takes pride in its beautiful golf which is framed by the hills and mountain ranges of San Salvatore and Bré.
The Majek-Wassmann family has run the Hostel of Lugano-Savosa for several generations and their dedication and competence guarantee a positive experience for their guests.
The Hostel is situated at a perfect departure point for numerous cultural and scenic excursions that our lake region has to offer.
Each year the city of Lugano offers a full calendar of cultural and recreational activities-- The Modern Art Museum, numerous athletic tournaments, Long Lake Festival and the Jazz Festival, just to mention a few.

8117 - Fällanden
46 beds - from CHF 18.00
  • self-catering
  • remote near lake / river 442 m
Youth Hostel Fällanden

The youthhostel Fällanden is situated outside the village Fällanden at the nature protection waterfront at the Greifensee. The nearby Zurich Oberland as well as the Forch and the Pfannenstiel are ideal for hiking and biking. The location directly at the lake is perfect for water athletes: A raft, a boat and a big lawn with volleyball net, ping-pong table and fire place are also at your disposal. In the dining room of the youthhostel there is a piano and there is a leisure room in the basement.

7411 - Sils i. D.
38 beds - from CHF 25.00
  • self-catering
  • remote in the mountains 622 m
Youth Hostel Sils

The youthhostel is situated inside the castle Ehrenfels and has been there since the 1930's. The castle was built in the 13th century and it has offered a unique view of the Domeschg until today. How about a visit to one of the 21 castle ruins between Rhäzüns and Thusis? There is a seminar room, a play room and a theater with equipment in the tower. Outside, there is a bread oven, a lawn with various play equipment as well as a custom-built maze. There are up to 60 seats in the great hall.

1580 - Avenches
84 beds - from CHF 36.00
  • half-board, full-board, breakfast included
  • central Shops close by 483 m
Youth Hostel Avenches

Avenches is set between the Vully vineyards and above the plain of the Broye river, that connects the lakes of Murten and Neuchâtel. This historic Roman settlement features plenty of ancient buildings and sites that take visitors far back in time. The imposing building that houses the youth hostel accommodates cyclists, hikers, history buffs, families and horse-riders alike. The town centre is within easy walking distance, and the beautiful landscape surrounding the hostel promises pure relaxation. While the children will be in seventh heaven playing in the large garden, adults can enjoy a fine glass of wine on the terrace.

5712 - Beinwil am See
82 beds - from CHF 32.00
  • self-catering, half-board, full-board, breakfast included
  • near lake / river Shops close by 451 m
Youth Hostel Beinwil am See

Only the public swimming area and the big lawn are situated closer to the lake than the youth hostel. The old farmer house was modified to a youth hostel in 1931. A modern annexe was added in 1977. The combination of tradition and modern age adds an architectural appeal to the house. Not only the house but the whole region is worth discovering. Castles, nice hiking trails and especially the lake are perfect for families, groups and single travellers. The house is fitted perfectly for athletes because our guests can use the public swimming area and the sports field for free.

7536 - Sta. Maria
47 beds - from CHF 34.30
  • self-catering, half-board, breakfast included
  • central in the mountains Shops close by close to skiing area 1380 m
Youth Hostel Sta. Maria

In a former tavern and storehouse from 1537. Nature lovers adore the close-by national park in summer and the ideal starting point for snow tours in winter. The journey into the Münstertal alone is an adventure. You will already be able to see chamois, capricorns and bearded vultures during the ride over the Ofenpass. At the summit, you can see the Münstertal framed by tall mountains covered in snow. The most striking is the nearly four thousand meters tall "Ortler".

5400 - Baden
83 beds - from CHF 35.50
  • half-board, full-board, breakfast included
  • central near lake / river Shops close by 365 m
Youth Hostel Baden

Rustic-style Baden Youth Hostel – a former stable dating back to the last century – has lost nothing of its charm and is ideally suited for exploring the spa resort and its 18 thermal springs. The hostel lies a short distance from the town centre next to the "Aue" sports complex, on the banks of the River Limmat. In other words, the perfect base for sportspeople and sports en­thusiasts, as well as for solo and group travellers.

6300 - Zug
88 beds - from CHF 35.50
  • half-board, full-board, breakfast included
  • central near lake / river 414 m
Youth Hostel Zug

In 1435 and in 1887, an entire section of the town sank into the lake, enticed by the legendary Sea Maiden of Zug. The only things sinking into the lake today, however, are the rays of the setting sun. But you're quite entitled to be enticed by images of sunsets or the water as you approach the youth hostel, just two minutes from the lake shore. And in Zug today, nobody could possibly sink into boredom, because Zug is the place to be, whether you're a rollerblade fan or a caving enthusiast. The youht hostel, between the lake and the Herti sports complex, is ideal for sports camps intended for track and field athletes, curling or hockey teams, or divers.

3800 - Interlaken
220 beds - from CHF 37.30
  • half-board, full-board, breakfast included
  • central Shops close by close to skiing area 568 m
Youth Hostel Interlaken

Guests at the new Youth Hostel meet in the spaciously appointed and designed lounge in the entrance lobby. They can sit there comfortably around the open fire, play pool or check their e-mails using the free WiFi. There is a shower/WC in each 2-bed room as well as in most 4-bed rooms. The youthhostel offers a total of 220 beds. The menu of the in-house restaurant 3a includes classic international dishes such as green Thai curry with chicken fillet, minced meat with pappardelle and sweet and sour apple slices or penne arrabbiata. All dishes are prepared in front of our guests in woks and a season salad is included in the price for a main course. For dessert, the guest chooses from various icecream flavors from the own ice cream parlour.

7550 - Scuol
164 beds - from CHF 38.50
  • half-board, full-board, breakfast included
  • central in the mountains Shops close by close to skiing area 1295 m
Youth Hostel Scuol

The modern youtthostel Scuol is situated near the train station, directly at the ski lift, the rafting and bike station as well as the "Bogn Engiadina" in 10 min distance. The youthhostel offers a spacious dining room, an elegant foyer with lounge, bar and open chimney. Furthermore there is a play room and a comfortable Swiss pine wood Stüva with an amazing view of the Grisons mountains at your disposal. The kitchen offers a comprehensive breakfast buffet, as well as a three course dinner and a lunch on request.