Youth hostels, youth accommodations and boyscout camps

Youth hostels and boyscout camps

Youth hostels, youth accommodations and boyscout camps

Youth hostels, youth accommodations and boyscout camps usually provide a sufficient amount of beds for large groups. However, they put more and more emphasis on 4-bed rooms and double rooms to be on par with rising expectations of quality and comfort. Sleeping bags are starting to be replaced by duvets, modern locking systems allow checked-in guests of Swiss youth hostels to plan their arrival with more flexibility than ever before. Still, reasonably priced offers are first priority and that will remain unchanged. Boyscout camps are not exclusive to scouts or schools. They offer quick access to nature and sports facilities, a lot of autonomy and a few extras. For example, there are boyscout camps which have been designed handicapped accessible or provide their own campground. Whoever is looking for good value for money and a true holiday atmosphere is at the right place.

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7250 - Klosters
92 beds - from CHF 38.50
  • half-board, full-board
  • central in the mountains Shops close by close to skiing area 1250 m
Youth Hostel Klosters

Uncomplicated, personal and open holiday atmosphere: In the two houses of the youthhostel families will feel as comfortable as young sport fans. At one of the most exclusiv and quiet locations in the village you have the best view of the majestic mountains. The homelike wooden house is a ideal starting point for fascinating summit meetings, hours of relaxing in the thermal bath or it offers playing space for your kids.

6600 - Locarno
200 beds - from CHF 42.50
  • half-board, full-board
  • central near lake / river Shops close by 192 m
Youth Hostel Locarno

The youthhostel is located in the unique youthpalace (Palagiovani). Right behind the youthhostel is the historic centre of locarno and the centre or the Lago Maggiore are reachable within walking distance. Locarno is famous for its bland climate and for the international film festival. The youthhostel provides space for 198 people. Some of the modern 2- and 4-bed rooms offer a balcony. With the various seminar rooms the Palagiovani is ideal for meetings, seminars and occasions of all kinds.

8805 - Richterswil
80 beds - from CHF 37.00
  • half-board, full-board, breakfast included
  • remote near lake / river Shops close by 408 m
Youth Hostel Richterswil

There are perhaps only a few people in the whole world who have heard of Richterswil. But anyone discovering the little town at Lake Zurich will doubtless have fond memories of their stay in the youth hostel. The recently converted building is situated right next to the lake, in a beautiful and extensive park. This former silk factory is a perfect place for sports holidays, conferences and events of all kinds.
Regardless of whether you want to stay just one night or several days, you will find a little holiday paradise at the Horn. Water babies can go swimming, rowing, windsurfing and diving virtually outside the door. Bon viveurs can take a cruise on the boats of Lake Zurich. Globetrotters will value its proximity to the lively metropolis of Zurich.

4800 - Zofingen
53 beds - from CHF 31.50
  • half-board, full-board, breakfast included
  • central Shops close by 439 m
Youth Hostel Zofingen

In 1386 the hero of Zofingen Niklaus von Thut saved the city banner from the victorious Swiss by simply eating it. The history has been present in Zofingen up to today. The spacious and still very intact historical centre is the location for attractive markets and various cultural occasions. The suburbs are dominated by beautiful mansions and spacious lawns. Be it on your own or with one of the various attractive guided tours: You will want to revisit!

7536 - Sta. Maria
47 beds - from CHF 34.30
  • self-catering, half-board, breakfast included
  • central in the mountains Shops close by close to skiing area 1380 m
Youth Hostel Sta. Maria

In a former tavern and storehouse from 1537. Nature lovers adore the close-by national park in summer and the ideal starting point for snow tours in winter. The journey into the Münstertal alone is an adventure. You will already be able to see chamois, capricorns and bearded vultures during the ride over the Ofenpass. At the summit, you can see the Münstertal framed by tall mountains covered in snow. The most striking is the nearly four thousand meters tall "Ortler".

6377 - Seelisberg
25 beds - from CHF 25.00
  • self-catering
  • remote 630 m
Youth Hostel Seelisberg

Enjoy silence and romance in the youthhostel Seelisberg. The 1991 renovated "Gadenhaus" is one of the oldest buildings with this architecture in whole canton Uri. It is ideal for groups and families, who prepare their meals in the small and modern self-catering kitchen. In the living room, cockle stove and chimney create a special atmosphere. The house is surrounded by woods and meadows and provides a spectacular view of Lake Uri. A tarn with lido is reachable by foot. Or what about a 30 min walk to the Rütli, where the Swiss Confederation was grounded?

8038 - Zürich
282 beds - from CHF 43.00
  • half-board, breakfast included
  • central near lake / river Shops close by 500 m
Youth Hostel Zürich

Open day and night so you can explore the small cosmopolitan city Zurich. A spacious foyer and courtyard offer a meeting point for international globetrotter, diversified kitchen, bright, comfortable rooms, a quiet location in the city, not far from the lake: The youthhostel Zurich, as one of the most modern in the world, has quality. You can talk about your previous Asia or America trip in the grand foyer, get infos and tipps for the leisure activities in Zurich, watch international news together on the big-screen-TV with a snack or play billiards. And all that at any time, night or day.

4500 - Solothurn
94 beds - from CHF 33.00
  • half-board, full-board, breakfast included
  • central near lake / river Shops close by 439 m
Youth Hostel Solothurn

Whoever wants to swing down in this youthhostel won't forget their stay! And swinging down is meant literally: The Aare-bike-hike-trail leads right past the youthhostel. The discovery of the modern steel-glas-construction in the historic tollhouse is worth a visit. There are a lot of comfortable pubs in the old town right around the corner and there is a huge supply of culture and leisure time activities. Well equipped seminar rooms and a good, versatile kitchen literally invite you to host meetings, conferences, advanced educations and school projects.

8447 - Dachsen
92 beds - from CHF 30.50
  • half-board, full-board, breakfast included
  • remote near lake / river Shops close by 409 m
Youth Hostel Dachsen

The over 1000 years old castle thrones above the Rhine Falls. The Rhine Falls have been falling and roaring for about 15'000 years. Accommodation is provided in the comfortable chambers of the erstwhile seat of the high nobility. "Whooshing" nights are naturally guaranteed!

7014 - Trin
48 beds - from CHF 41.00
  • breakfast included, half-board, full-board
  • in the mountains close to skiing area Shops close by 876 m
Youth Hostel Trin

Das Bergwaldzentrum Mesaglina, welches zur Jugendherberge Trin umgebaut wurde, ist ein geschichtsträchtiges Haus. In diesem Gebäude übernachteten ganz früher die Fuhrwagenhalter- hier befand sich auch der Tanzsaal des Dorfes und zu einer gewissen Zeit schnitt im Haus der Dorfcoiffeur seiner Kundschaft die Haare. Das Jahrhunderte alte Haus wurde 2016/2017 mit Holz aus dem einheimischen Bergwald umgebaut.

5200 - Brugg
45 beds - from CHF 31.50
  • half-board, full-board, breakfast included
  • remote near lake / river 365 m
Youth Hostel Brugg

Where Romans and Habsburgs lived, you'll enjoy it too. The youthhostel Brugg, the "Schlössli Altenburg" is surrounded by history: the Roman legionary camp Vindonissa, castle of Habsburg or the minster are fast and easily reachable. You can find that historical mix in the youthhostel too. The "Schlössli Altenburg" was once a Roman fort and inhabited real Habsburgs later on. Today, you pull in your bike at the front door and enjoy the summer evening at the fire. The practically and simply furnished youthhostel with 50 beds is ideal for single travellers, families, clubs and school classes.

3800 - Interlaken
220 beds - from CHF 37.30
  • half-board, full-board, breakfast included
  • central Shops close by close to skiing area 568 m
Youth Hostel Interlaken

Guests at the new Youth Hostel meet in the spaciously appointed and designed lounge in the entrance lobby. They can sit there comfortably around the open fire, play pool or check their e-mails using the free WiFi. There is a shower/WC in each 2-bed room as well as in most 4-bed rooms. The youthhostel offers a total of 220 beds. The menu of the in-house restaurant 3a includes classic international dishes such as green Thai curry with chicken fillet, minced meat with pappardelle and sweet and sour apple slices or penne arrabbiata. All dishes are prepared in front of our guests in woks and a season salad is included in the price for a main course. For dessert, the guest chooses from various icecream flavors from the own ice cream parlour.

5400 - Baden
83 beds - from CHF 35.50
  • half-board, full-board, breakfast included
  • central near lake / river Shops close by 365 m
Youth Hostel Baden

Rustic-style Baden Youth Hostel – a former stable dating back to the last century – has lost nothing of its charm and is ideally suited for exploring the spa resort and its 18 thermal springs. The hostel lies a short distance from the town centre next to the "Aue" sports complex, on the banks of the River Limmat. In other words, the perfect base for sportspeople and sports en­thusiasts, as well as for solo and group travellers.

6390 - Engelberg
112 beds - from CHF 33.00
  • half-board, full-board, breakfast included
  • central in the mountains Shops close by close to skiing area 1000 m
Youth Hostel Engelberg

Everything changes - yet the mountains stay! Our house has been here since 1932. It has been renovated several times and has seen a lot of guests come and go. Enjoy yourself outside of the town centre and enjoy the beautiful mountainside and the fresh air. Engelberg - one of the loveliest wintersport locations - in the centre of Switzerland. But not only winter athletes will feel right at home in Engelberg. There are various possible activities in summer like a toboggan run, scooters, the Robinson playground Grotzenwäldli and awesome bike tours in addition to the priceless nature are only a few reasons to visit the Engelberg valley.

4115 - Mariastein
78 beds - from CHF 29.50
  • self-catering, half-board, full-board, breakfast included
  • remote 582 m
Youth Hostel Mariastein

A castle like one out of a storybook. Tower chamber, battlement parapet, inner ward, and knights' hall create a romantic, medieval atmosphere. It is being visited mostly by school classes and groups. The atmosphere is in proper style: 150 steps lead up to the tower chamber where Napoleon's beloved once waited for him. A knight's hall with open fire place where the noblemen once dined and also the area leaves nothing to be desired.

3706 - Leissigen
44 beds - from CHF 39.90
  • half-board, full-board, breakfast included
  • central near lake / river 570 m
Youth Hostel Leissigen

A former summer residence of a Bernese industrial family, today a holiday oasis with stylish and comfortable rooms, most of them with view of the lake. The youthhostel Leissigen is situated in the village of Leissigen directly at the bank of the Thunersee. Big property and pebble beach offer a lot of playing space for the kids and relaxation for adults. The ideal place for family holidays. The house is ideal for: families, groups, single travellers and schools.

8590 - Romanshorn
103 beds - from CHF 32.00
  • half-board, full-board, breakfast included
  • central near lake / river Shops close by 399 m
Youth Hostel Romanshorn

Romanshorn is the ideal location for your holidays at Lake Constance! Thanks to the unique situation in terms of traffic Romanshorn offers 101 trip possibilities around Lake Constance as well as in the Swiss and Austrian foothills of the alps. Embedded between the blue lake and the green forest Romanshorn is the ideal starting point for exploring the bike holiday paradise Thurgau. Romanshorn is departure and destination of the national route nr. 5 and it is situated at the international bike path around Lake Constance. You can also explore the bank of Lake Constance with in-line skates. Fancy some refreshing airstream? As home port of the fleet of Lake Constance Romanshorn offers various possibilities for navies.

7550 - Scuol
164 beds - from CHF 38.50
  • half-board, full-board, breakfast included
  • central in the mountains Shops close by close to skiing area 1295 m
Youth Hostel Scuol

The modern youtthostel Scuol is situated near the train station, directly at the ski lift, the rafting and bike station as well as the "Bogn Engiadina" in 10 min distance. The youthhostel offers a spacious dining room, an elegant foyer with lounge, bar and open chimney. Furthermore there is a play room and a comfortable Swiss pine wood Stüva with an amazing view of the Grisons mountains at your disposal. The kitchen offers a comprehensive breakfast buffet, as well as a three course dinner and a lunch on request.

6300 - Zug
88 beds - from CHF 35.50
  • half-board, full-board, breakfast included
  • central near lake / river 414 m
Youth Hostel Zug

In 1435 and in 1887, an entire section of the town sank into the lake, enticed by the legendary Sea Maiden of Zug. The only things sinking into the lake today, however, are the rays of the setting sun. But you're quite entitled to be enticed by images of sunsets or the water as you approach the youth hostel, just two minutes from the lake shore. And in Zug today, nobody could possibly sink into boredom, because Zug is the place to be, whether you're a rollerblade fan or a caving enthusiast. The youht hostel, between the lake and the Herti sports complex, is ideal for sports camps intended for track and field athletes, curling or hockey teams, or divers.

1829 - Montreux
109 beds - from CHF 36.50
  • half-board, full-board, breakfast included
  • central near lake / river Shops close by 380 m
Youth Hostel Montreux

Being up to date is (virtually) everything in Montreux, the most chic spot, full of tradition, on Lake Geneva. And the youthhostel is up to date. This is a must visit! The dining room jazzy, the seating corner classic, the foyer rustic, the lounge busy. French esprit combined with sophisticated flair, makes many hearts beat faster in Montreux. Just like the leisure possibilities on the "Waadtländer Riviera" - oh-là-là!
The house is ideal for: families, groups, single travellers and schools